Old Barker Football Club (OB FC) is Sydney based, Barker College's alumni football club. We provide an opportunity for ex-Barker students and their broader network to continue their football career after school in a supportive and social environment.


Our Ethos

We have a relaxed approach to running the club where we are only interested in enhancing the enjoyment of our club members. We have a variety of different teams that can cater for players of all different skill levels. We are a mixed club with Men's and Women's teams. We are fortunate to be well supported by the Old Barker Association (OBA) allowing us to provide a particularly compelling opportunity for recent Barker graduates to maintain their connection with the school. We welcome any football enthusiast not just Barker alumni's. Our club is roughly split between non-Barker and Barker alumni's reflecting our open and welcoming culture.

In the future we are endeavouring to form an Over 35's team which we anticipate commencing by 2017. Please contact our club if you would like to be a part of the inaugural team!


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