Life Membership


A life member of Old Barker FC is bestowed on a former/present club member who has made a significant contribution to the Old Barker Football Club and broader football community over many years. Typically, the nominee for life member will have finished their active participation with the Club but nomination is not restricted to retired footballers.


Life members have been integral in creating the social fabric of the football club. By recognizing their contribution and extending them voting rights, we provide them an avenue to continue to influence the direction of the football club. Should they return to active playing membership, their contribution is rewarded through access to an Alumni registration rate (regardless of the former school or student status).

Member powers / benefits

A core role of life members is that beyond their active participation in the football club, they retain voting rights at the Old Barker FC AGM each year and should they elect to return to play Football with the club in the future, be eligible to register at the Alumni student rate. Each life member will be featured on the website with a small blurb as to their history with the club and their contribution. Life members will be invited as guests to the end of season gala dinners.


No more than two life members can be inducted into the Old Barker Football Club in a single year and in some years, there may be no inductions. Life member induction is made by consensus of the OB FC management committee with nominations restricted to those put forward by existing life members and current club officials.


Life membership induction will occur at the end of the football season during the Gala dinner, where the football club will invite the nominee to the Gala event as a guest. A brief history of the nominee's association with the club is given, as well as an overview of the life membership benefits.

Life Members

Craig 'Bundy' Robinson - Inducted 2017 - more to come...

Poony - Inducted 2017 - more to come...