Membership Fees

We have three tiers of club membership. These are designed to accommodate the different life stages of our members to encourage participation across all ages, as well as strengthen our association with Barker Alumni's. 

Worker | $440

A worker is defined as anyone who is not a University or TAFE student.

Student | $390

This membership tier is for any current University or TAFE student who did not attend Barker College.

Alumni Student | $340

This membership tier is for Barker Alumni's currently studying at University or TAFE.

Additional fee disclosures

The fees above represent the fees associated with club registration for the 2017 season. They may not be reflective of costs in future years. OB FC provides playing kits but retains ownership of these kits, which are to be returned at the end of the season. Kit socks are not included and will need to be purchased separately. Social activities or branded merchandise are separate to registration.

Refund policy

Should, through illness or accident a member suffer a season ending injury the club will refund membership based on the following schedule of season games played. The below figures are in addition to insurance proceeds received through the Football NSW's insurance scheme. Please note that the club does not have any of its costs associated with registering players with the FFA, Football NSW or the NSFA refunded.

0-3 competition games played = $150 refund

4-6 competition games played = $75 refund

7+ competition games played = $0 refund


The registration process is completely online and must be done by each player wishing to play for OB FC. We only accept online payments. The registration process is intuitive and reasonably straight-forward. We have provided detailed instructions to guide each players registration and maintain a dedicated club contact to assist should there be any difficulties.

Registration is lodged through the 'Play Football' platform at this link →

Play Football instructions

Step 1 | Go to

Step 2 | Click on the ‘Re-Registering to play this season?’ OR ‘New to Football’ depending on your status.

Step 3 | Click on ‘Adult Football’.

Step 4 | In the search box type ‘Old Barker Football Club’ and then select this once it appears.

Step 5 | Select ‘START MY REGISTRATION’ then select ‘Get Started’.

Step 6 | Because this is a new registration system, please create a new account and fill out the required details. Use the email address that you would have used when registering last season. DO NOT CLICK ON ‘ALREADY HAVE AN ACCOUNT?.

Step 7 | It should then prompt you to link this newly created account to your old account. LINK YOUR ACCOUNTS.

Step 8 | Once logged into your account, select the ‘I am registering for myself option’. Your name should be next to this check-box with your FFA number next to your name as reference. Now select ‘Continue’.

Step 9 | Now you’re at the ‘Product Select’ stage. For ‘Role’, select ‘Player from the drop-down menu. Select ‘Club Football’ as the ‘Football Type’ and the select ‘Community’ for the ‘Playing Level’ option.

Step 10 | If you are working full-time click on the ‘Select’ button next to the MAA Full Time Worker option. If you are still at university and did not attend Barker College, click on the ‘Select’ button next to the MAA Student option. If you are still at university and are an Ex-Barker College student, click on the ‘Select’ button next to the MAA Barker Alumni option. THEN, if you have selected either of the STUDENT options, under ‘Variations’ check the ‘I am a student (tertiary)’ box and then ‘Update Shopping Cart’. DO NOT CHECK THIS BOX IF YOU ARE A FULL TIME WORKER. Now click ‘Continue’.

Step 11 | Fill in all the required details then click ‘Continue’ at the bottom of the page.

Step 12 | Upload a profile image using the photo guidelines.

Step 13 | Select the relevant ‘International Transfer Certificate’ option.

Step 14 | Review your order and select ‘Continue’ at the bottom of the page.

Step 15 | Fill out the payment details and select ‘Pay Now’.

You will now reach the confirmation page and you should be notified that your registration has been accepted. You will also receive an automated confirmation email from ‘Steve Bayliss’ indicating your registration is Pending Approval and an email receipt will be attached. OBFC will then approve your registration within the next 2-3 working days.


The FNSW Website has been updated to ensure participants are able to link through to the relevant Gow Gates Information and forms.

Here is the link to the FNSW Website, under the Insurance Tab.

What is covered?

The Insurance Claim form.

Further Information

Should you need assistance in lodging your registration or have any questions, please contact our club registrar Steve Bayliss via email -